What nuggets of wisdom do you hold?

What a wild ride life can be! Infinite experiences, growing pain moments, health challenges, awakenings, and endless opportunities for problem solving, researching answers, growth, transformation, and healing.

Through this roller coaster adventure, you have probably collected some wisdom nuggets of gold along the way. Whether you gleaned this wisdom from a friend, proactively discovered it yourself, learned it the hard or painful way, or stumbled upon a golden gem in a synchronistic moment or auspicious encounter – you have valuable wisdomYou hold a key to this unique wisdom that you have unlocked as a result of your experience.

Mystic Top View Of A Roller Coaster In Black And White StyleMaybe you overcame a health issue, survived cancer, recovered from an accident, helped heal your child or family member, transformed “dis-ease” in your own mind or body, did a 180 degree pivot with your dietary/exercise choices, or revitalized your health and wellbeing in a creative way? Perhaps you manage a chronic condition and have made phenomenal progress in your recovery? Maybe you successfully treated or cured an ailment naturally using unconventional approaches? Or you followed a process, strategy, or protocol that finally worked, after trying for months or years what didn’t?

Whether your wisdom and contribution is monumental or minuscule, it is deeply rewarding when your direct struggles, successes, and learning can help someone else. So what topics do your friends and family come to you for? For what wisdom do others seek you out? What information are you a trusted and reliable source? What advice or recommendations do others reach out to you for? What do they want to learn from you and pick your brain about?

bigstock--166052216What “stuff” do you consider yourself holding a treasure trove of resources? What are you knowledgeable about? Where you know or directly experienced a bit more about a topic or issue than those in your circle and in general? It doesn’t need to be necessarily anything life altering, significant, historic, or Nobel Peace Prize winning. Or where you are a nationally verified, certified speaker in the field ready to provide “expert” testimony. But if you have acquired a Ph.D., wrote a book or article, or blogged on the topic, hats off to you! There’s tremendous value there too! But let’s face it, most of us are not “traditional” experts, but we are experts on our own lived experience and what worked and what didn’t. Having lived through and survived whatever it is, certainly has its own level of expertise, trust factor, merit, value, and badge of honor.

If you could make a list of what you’d recommend for your topics, what would it include? What would you suggest to read, purchase, illuminate, or understand? Who should someone connect with? Meet with in person? What steps should they take? Where should they go to research and investigate further? What strategies might they implement to make their lives easier or improve an aspect of it?

We want to hear from you!!!

Body Mind Soul Spirit Heart Word Cloud, Fitness, Sport, Health CGrab a piece of paper and write down three resources you’d give your friend if they came to you for advice on a particular topic. Does this resource list contain a book or an article, a research study, a list of tinctures, remedies, a modality to try, a phone number, an email or website to a practitioner, or to another friend, a healer, or another professional or business to consider? Maybe you’ve recommended a product? A recipe? A time saving gadget? A life saving suggestion, a convenience tip, or lifestyle hack?

What have you learned through your adventures, health challenges, transformation, detoxing, healing protocols, natural treatments, “must-have” products, or areas and things to avoid? These essential golden wisdom bits are meaningful to others when it stems from a personal recommendation and from a real life person with a story and experience to back it up!

In reflecting back on your life experiences, and health, or other challenges, what do you wish you would have known at the beginning of your journey and along your recovering and healing path? What recommendation made a tremendous difference or changed your success trajectory?

Owl On An Old Book, A Symbol Of Wisdom And Knowledge. Comic BookCollectively, we possess the ability to weave a profound tapestry of wisdom to help heal, inspire, educate, and guide one another. We embody the understanding to save each other endless hours of research, phone calls, web searches, unnecessary treatments, and dead ends. And in many cases, together, we can also provide insight and feedback on the hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on remedies, supplements, medicines, diets, cleanses, essential oils, or herbs.

The new platform is that safe, interwoven trusted space to share your wisdom, collaborate on ideas, save your recommendations, create your “go to” lists for topics, and discover information from trustworthy sources on areas of interest to you. A macrocosm with its own microcosm zone of topics to empower friends and others to research, learn, heal, transform, and overcome, whatever it is they are struggling with or seeking insight about.

Coming soon!!!!

What wisdom will you bring?

~ Melissa A. Curtin

* One golden nugget of wisdom I’ll bring is my experience being an emergency aortic thoracic dissection and open-heart surgery survivor!!

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