Align to infinite possibilities!

What possibilities will you align with for the new year and beyond?

Possibilities are infinite. Endless. Limitless. Expansive.


“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Remove the horse-blinders and break through restricting barriers, limits, and illusions. Embrace what is possible. Release what did not serve you for 2018 and breath in unlimited potentiality and possibilities for 2019.

The potential for what’s emerging. Your potential. The potential for a new paradigm. New growth. The potential to reinvent. The potential to rise up and step up in ways you haven’t even conceived yet. The potential to freely embrace possibilities and your authentic self.

Great Potential

“See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” – Ralph Marston

1Watercolor Copy 3

Be bold. Be free. Be independent. Be free of programming. Be free of binding systems. Be free to be in your truth. Be free of the old paradigm. Be free to persevere and pioneer an unchartered path forward. Just be.

Meditative Rock Maze In The Evening Sun.How will you engage technology and use social media this year as a catalyst and stepping stone to ignite change and take action? How best can media, technology, and communications effectively serve you? Allow you to make a difference? Make your life easier? Streamline and enhance your business? Contribute to your creative expression? Corral your data, organize, and leverage your content? Where can it provide freedom and liberty? Help you stay better connected to those you trust and respect? Tree Made Of Colorful Human Hands In Branches Creates A VibrantAs a content creator, artist, business developer, activist, truth seeker, educator, advocate, truth teller and critical thinker, what ideas are you percolating and brewing? What would you like to develop? Create? Accomplish? Change? Share? Invent? Discuss? Who would you like to connect with? Collaborate? Educate? Inspire? What conversations, issues, and topics will you instigate forward and illuminate? Shape shift? Transform? Resolve? Heal? Problem-solve? Bring to justice?

How will you contribute to the paradigm shift?

Paradigm Shift in word collageThe platform’s rollout is imminent. Bring your phosphorescent being to its launch. Your energy, wisdom, truth, creativity, content, authenticity, integrity, collaboration, and engagement will drive innovation within the platform — and light the way. Use the new platform as a landing zone and launching pad for infinite possibilities! Sign up for updates and platform release info at Sphir – (stay connected for pre-launch info)!

New Year 2019 MedellaHere’s to co-creating possibilities this year in Sphir!

~ Melissa A. Curtin

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