Are you done? Time to Disrupt the System

Are you done with the old paradigm? Done with the status quo? Done with the power dynamics at play? Done with being a manipulated pawn in their twisted game? Done with the political tug of war and the pushing, pulling, and pitting of people against each other towards compliance, submission, and control?

Done with being conditioned, herded like cattle and sheep, and groomed to comply to the deceptive narratives that benefit the few?

Done with mass media disseminating news content and “advertorials” that have been bought, sponsored, and paid for, by the very companies and governmental agencies that we know are corrupt, out of integrity, and who regularly deceive the public? Done with the current restrictive social media atmosphere that has become an unsafe and unwelcome space for dissenting views and truth-tellers?

done 2We are done with the broken system that serves the few and takes advantage of the many. We are done. We are at our saturation point, our boil zone, and have far exceeded our tolerance for bullshit. Done and ready to move on and into anew.

crossroadsWe are at a turning point and crossroads and it’s about time we use it. Some feel a revolution can’t come quick enough. Some feel we are historically at rock bottom. Despite how horrible things have been, and the nosedive we’re in, we haven’t hit bottom yet. The veil continues to dissipate and lift. And at times, the veil certainly feels more like a blanket of fog made out of cement. It’s time to disrupt the system and take your jackhammer out.

Workers Use Electric Concrete Breaker. Male Worker Repairing DriWe are at a prime opportunity to break down the antiquated systems and shed the constricting skin of old paradigms. However, we can’t force our way through the dark, nor can we speed up the transformational process. We will evolve and emerge through the metamorphosis and birth something different than our current experience – within its own timing. We may need to wade through some mucky, sludgy, filthy, contaminated waters beforehand.

Buckle up and hang on, even if you’re white knuckling it the whole way. It may be a long turbulent ride through unchartered territory, but we must endure and trust the vessel.

Get ready to shake up the system, disrupt the status quo, challenge the way it’s been, and where it’s going. Grassroots efforts are working. The consciousness is shifting. The masses are beginning to wake up. They are frustrated, agitated, weary, outraged, and flat out disgusted with the absurdity, ridiculousness, and nonsense.

Challenge the Traditional Newspaper Headlines Disrupt Change 3dTime to disrupt the system; Buck the system like a bad habit.

Time to stop being docile consenting participants in this farce, in the game of fuckery. Stop participating in the sick and twisted oppressive system, and step away from being subservient to their hierarchy. How many rights are you willing to sacrifice before we are stripped of and before all of our freedoms are stolen?

Disrupt Rethink Revise Reinvent Speedometer 3d IllustrationSpeak up. Rally others. Collaborate. Rethink. Revise. Reinvent. Bring your unique vision for what you want. Turn off their media programming and create your own. Do not be fooled by their sly and vicious attempts to divide us and turn against one another. Be done with their system, their manipulation, and their puppeteering. Be done granting those in control the power to pull the puppet strings.

image of a hand that manipulates the mind of another person isolated and tonedTime for a new path; time to take action. Time to create an avant-garde system that has the best interest of the populace in mind. Use the fork in the path to pivot, to course correct, to strategize, to critically think for yourself, and trust yourself. Determine how you want to engage, move forward, and envision your future.

There is a better way to navigate and create change. It is up to us to be the catalyst to shift in the direction we want to go. We must lead with love, intention, compassion, consciousness, empathy, and persevere — by forging an original path forward, united. Together. We can create something better that serves us and not just the elite stakeholders. Are you ready? How do you want to create it?

Join us and sign up for pre-launch updates and info at Sphir, the new platform built to transform the system and empower the people using it.

~ Melissa A. Curtin

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