A Scroll Down Blog Memory Lane

As our team prepares to launch Sphir, let’s take a stroll and scroll back through our previous blog posts. It’s been a wild, eye-opening ride! Here are some highlights:

  • Our blog began in October when censorship reared its ugly head in social media and inspired our first post, Censored on Social Media.
  • We moved on to ideas of how to recalibrate, breath, be mindful and recognize social programming — orders to obey and consume — that you are free to decline.
  • We talked about exchanging the social media status quo for a new paradigm that reflects a consciousness shift by becoming outliers in the sea of conformity.
  • We examined the prudence of fact-checking, verifying sources, combating misinformation and propaganda, and consistently applying media literacy skills.
  • We encouraged the use of perspective and discernment instead of operating from a place of fear and falling prey to distortion and illusion as well as productively focusing on causes and issues that matter.
  • We invited critical thinkers to become innovators to help us grow this new platform and break the mold of what exists today.
  • We addressed privacy issues, blockchain, data security, and how it’s essential to understand who pulls the strings with your online tools.
  • We sprinkled in an end of the year post about intention, resonance, frequency and vibration to encourage you to hold on to your truth.
  • Then we introduced the capabilities of the site and asked that you consider getting your “golden nuggets of wisdom” ready to benefit others.
  • Lastly, we dove into freedom and independence, illuminated and called out propaganda, and advised self-preservation during the media censorship storm and today’s version of book banning.

Our hope is still, that Sphir will become a place to secure your content, find a reprieve from censorship and free thought, and improve your ability to express yourself, share wisdom, collaborate, and connect!

To sign up for pre-launch updates and join us, visit the splash page at Sphir.

Previous Blog Posts

The countdown begins!

Censored on Social Media?

A deep breath. Reset. Recalibrate.

Are you programmed to fall in line and obey?

Using social media or is it using you?

We are the product. Break out. Be free!

Are you done? Time to disrupt the system!

Be an outlier in a world of conformists.

An Opportunity in the Misinformation Age.

Your Perspective Decides: What will you choose to see and bring?

Be an innovator – Help us grow a new platform!

Let’s crack the social media mold.

How essential is online privacy?

What is your reality reflecting?

Align to Infinite Possibilities!

Follow the Money.

Ready for an exceptional social media experience?

What nuggets of wisdom do you hold?

A Solution for Information Overwhelm.

Freedom. Independence. Connection.

Combat Propaganda: Become the Media!

Self-preservation in the eye of the storm.

Removed and censored? Now what?

~ Melissa A. Curtin

The countdown begins!

The Sphir splash page is up! OMG! We weren’t expecting the overwhelming number of sign ups already! Woohoo! Thank you very much for your support and encouragement! We’re thrilled because your interest validates what we’ve believed all along; there is a huge gaping hole in the digital landscape for what Sphir offers. And we are all so ready for it!

As we continue to cross the last few t’s and dot the couple remaining i’s on the site, we’ll send you new details each week about the small things you can do to really get the most out of your experience in Sphir. The best thing to do now, if you haven’t already, is sign up for updates so you’ll get messages via this blog as well as short email messages about what to expect up through our platform launch.

Most importantly, we want you to know that even though we’re a small team and this is a big undertaking, we’re glad you’re out there and as ready as we are to head in when the day arrives. After all, this project is one that we’re all in together – our team and every one of you.

~Melissa A. Curtin

Removed and censored? Now what?

Now that information is aggressively being threatened, removed, and censored throughout FaceBook, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media sharing outlets, where will you keep your data?

When will mainstream social media users finally realize they have no ownership, protection, or control over their content? Will it take the removal of an entire account, their group, or a shadow ban without warning or reason to jet into action? Is that the blowtorch under the ass users need to swiftly enact a game plan? Why wait until it’s all lost and deleted? All of the years and effort of collecting, saving, and sharing info on social media may soon vanish, especially if you are delivering content that challenges corporate agenda or illuminates truth.

What are you planning to do with your treasured content and connections?

Vector background. Social media concept. Communication in the gl

Out of this censorship frenzy and pushback for privacy, there has been a proliferation of alternative social media networks. Many users are already jumping ship from FaceBook to MeWe. While others are exploring the digital cosmos for the best fit for their needs. We are all so unique and diverse in our requirements for migrating to another platform. Research, investigate, and try the medley of social media sharing platforms. Come back and share why they work for you or why not? What do you like or dislike about them?

Learn how Sphir offers an alternative solution. If you’re seeking an uncensored, privacy-based platform built on blockchain with rival feature sets to what exists now, and capabilities that will be revolutionary and different, join us for pre-launch updates at Sphir.

~ Melissa A. Curtin

Self-preservation in the eye of the storm.

We’re standing in the fire’s center as the eye of the storm barrels towards us. It tries to suck us in, squeeze our energy, tap our nervous systems, and fry our emotional bodies. But we stand strong. We can’t let up. We won’t let up. We can’t give up. We can’t stop. We won’t stop. Instead, we transform. We become the storm and rise from within. We are the inferno and we are lit from within. We will continue to burn and ignite the fire in others who feel called to carry the torch of change.

mighty bear in space. Photos and graphic and crackle effect. Computer collage

So many of us are in an ultra marathon, in overdrive mode — advocating and directing our energy towards meaningful causes and issues and sharing own stories and experiences. We’re in this endurance sprint together. We need you, all of you, to pass the baton and torch, to keep moving the needle of transformation forward. More of us need to be involved and do whatever we can, wherever we can, so our pipeline stays replenished and continues its momentum. If we do it alone, we will burnout.

Torch Flame In The Darkness, Close Up Low Key Torch With Detail

Some of us are tired. We feel fatigue. None of us expected to feel this way or thought we’d have to fight for our basic human inalienable rights for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For the right to free speech, bodily autonomy, freedom of expression, and freedom from oppression. But here we are in a constant, chronic defensive stream of correcting lies, calling out injustices, standing in our truth, vocalizing our concerns, — as we rise above the dark energy, and trudge along with all our force and every drop of energy that remains. While we work, raise our kids, attend to our families and other responsibilities, and pepper in some self-care. Sometimes, while we burn the candle at both ends. Or while we’re in the process of overcoming our own health issues, healing, and recovery.

We fight for rights anyway. We rise anyway. We don’t let up. We do not rest. How can we? Too much is at stake, including our own self-preservation.

“We will not rest.” – Jaclyn Gallion

We are doing our best to ensure our survival and existence. Our protective mechanism is fully engaged. We are afraid of losing our voices, our freedoms, and our human rights – but we do not let the fear, pain, or the intimidation of becoming invisible stop us. Our stories, voices, and messages, need a safe platform now more than ever. On a deeper level, we have been waiting for this moment in time to break down and crack through the system to build a new one. And we are.


We stand together for justice. We rise for freedom. We are impenetrable and unstoppable. No one can break our spirits, our determination, or our will to create a better world for our children and each other.

Lioneass and little lion cub in cosmic space. Crackle effect

We are fierce. We are fire. We will never tire. You can’t break us into submission through omission. If you omit our viewpoints and censor us, you will not silence us. If you suppress us, we will be louder. If you tell us we can’t, we will. If you stand in our way, we will take another path. If you threaten to remove our social media pages, groups, posts, memes, photos, and content, we will migrate and build our communities elsewhere. We will gather, assemble, and organize for justice. We will seek and spread truth and light. No matter what. And we will do it everywhere, with intense passion that radiates.

We are lit from within and our truth will outshine the oppressors and dissipate the swirling storm of chaos. We will override the censorship threats, the bullying, the dehumanization. We are strong and resilient. We will draw upon our resilience and collective wisdom when faced with those who are fearful and ignorant. We are the mighty oak, and will uphold self-preservation through our grounded perseverance and deep-rooted awareness.


This new platform was designed for this moment in time – for the wisdom warriors, truth-tellers, resilient hearts, — the persistent, the brave, and courageous. We stand for freedom, for liberty, and stand with and support critical thinkers, outliers, independent voices, the dissenters, shape shifters, and change makers. Please use this utility to liberate your voice, emanate your message, mobilize your efforts, inspire others, and corral and store your information. For empowered conversations, the exchange of wisdom, and compassionate connections. For social change, for self-preservation, and for the betterment and survival of humanity.

Little Girl Standing In Front Of Fantasy Cosmic Storm, The Black

Let’s shape shift and transform the way it’s been — into the way you envision it.

It is time. It is our time. For a new paradigm.

Join us for rollout news and sign up for updates at Sphir.

~ Melissa A. Curtin

Combat Propaganda: Become the Media!

Propaganda is at an elevated high. Mass media trust is at a new low. Who can you trust? The “smoke and mirrors” are in full deceptive force, advertiser influence is pathetically obvious, and we’re astutely aware of how ownership affects content. If we cannot trust the mass media to provide accurate information, balanced reporting, or fair coverage, then we must become the media.

We cannot rely on mainstream corporate-owned news sources when they are bought and influenced by Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, the military industrial complex, or other corporations and industries that harbor conflicts of interest with strong ties to government agencies.

One conflict of interest hidden in plain sight found on the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) website, (courtesy of Kari Bundy), is a dedicated division, the Entertainment Education Program. This “Gateway to Health Communication and Social Marketing Practice” is partnered with the organization, Hollywood, Health, and Society and “provides the entertainment industry with free expert information on all aspects of health, safety and security.” (One of their partners includes The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.)

The role of these programs and organizations is to provide content on health topics for the media industry to push their Big Pharma funded agenda and control their health/medical “desired” narratives. It’s quite the incestuous relationship that allows the seamless integration for swaying public opinion and shaping audience’s beliefs. Our government tax dollars advise scriptwriters and producers by providing health storylines, and consulting services to the media industry, across television programs, film productions, and more. (Prime example of “follow the money” I covered in an earlier blog post.) The censorship of dissenting or challenging viewpoints is purely driven by financial influence and the propaganda machine.

Propaganda Word Cloud on a black background.

Propaganda is legal in the United States; not only is it legal, but legal against its own people. In January 2013, the US government passed legislation for the legalization of propaganda use on the American public with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This law repealed the existing ban on propaganda protected by the Smith-Mundt Act. An orchestrated move from those that want to control how information is transmitted through their distortion of truth filter and persuasion tactics. A sly way to monopolize national public relations and drown out opposition, resistance, and dissent.

“If the NDAA goes into effect in its current form, the State Department and Pentagon can go beyond manipulating mainstream media outlets and directly disseminate campaigns of misinformation to the U.S. public.” — Business Insider (May, 2012), Michael B. Kelley

the word     PROPAGANDA made from newspaper confetti isolated on

What is propaganda? Deliberate persuasion, often one-sided, not objective, or where information presented is geared to achieve or influence perception. The use of emotional methods to manipulate and using a strong appeal to your senses.

  • n. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.
  • n. Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda.
  • n. A concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of large numbers of people.

Propaganda is directly staged to influence and control the population, direct focus, and shape public opinion on issues. The media outlets and agencies that distribute the propaganda are also chained to the machine and are ostracized when they don’t fall in line. Propaganda is designed to suppress dissent, oppress truth, push a narrative, and persuade for a particular outcome or behavior. And it comes in all forms frequently repeated through social media, mass media, government and industry publications, books, television/radio programs, films, video games, magazines, toy advertising, posters, commercials, advertising, merchandise, clothing, awards’ shows, and across the Internet — delivered in a brainwashed, normalized fashion, so one does not realize they are being propagandized to.

Is it too big of a beast to wrestle and slay?

Do we give up? And allow the beast to swallow us whole? 

Not a chance.

Media Freedom Word Cloud. Word Cloud Made With Text Only.

To survive, we must seek out alternative viewpoints, support content diversity, and encourage more voices. In order to be independent of, and not enslaved by their propaganda system, we need to not only have a critical approach to dissecting their messages — but we must create our own media. This includes opinion-editorials (op-eds), news articles, press releases, video news releases, books, independent press, radio shows, podcasts, videos, data archives, resource lists, and content, in every formaton every topic that matters. Where the information, facts, research, wisdom, and observations are disseminated in such a grassroots, decentralized, and organized manner, so the reader or viewer can critically think, bring a discerning eye and mind, and determine its validity, reliability, and truth.

Thankfully, due to the early public access TV/radio movement, social media networks, video platform and streaming sites, and independent media outlets and alternative programming, broadcasting and sharing content with the masses isn’t relegated or exclusive to just the corporate-owned mass media complex.


Become the media. Become a citizen journalist. An observer who reports from their independent lens and unique viewpoint. What story can you tell that no one else can from your vantage point? What kind of channel would you have? A podcast? A video program? An interview show? A blog? A collection of stories? A newsletter? Who is your audience? Who would you like to share your journalism, activism, wisdom, and message with? What’s missing from the media landscape that you can provide? What voice or sliver of truth can you bring and contribute?

Come out of the woodwork and extend beyond a keyboard warrior. Access your media freedom and step out of your comfort zone. We need you! Now. Your voice is essential. Learn to effectively use your voice to make a difference. Exercise your freedom of expression. Speak your truth. Bring your authenticity, focus on what matters to you, and shine a beacon of light in that direction. Express yourself, your message, your voice! Leverage your revolutionary voice to bring forth some fresh energy to a subject and to combat the propaganda, disinformation, and the suppression of truth.

Use Your Own Voice

What will you advocate for? What will you reveal, investigate, and uncover? As an educator or activist, what motivates you to teach, activate, and take action? What’s your passion? Your interests? What topics inspire you? What topics light a fire within you?What type of information will you transmit and publish? Will you teach something? Investigate an issue? Give others a voice? Be a champion for a cause? Create call to action campaigns? Will you research and gather information that is otherwise suppressed? Share your own story and wisdom? Will you interview others? Will you report on an issue that is often overlooked?

Communication. Two entities or network being connected with gold

For citizen journalists, don’t be intimidated and seek unrealistic high production value when you’re getting started. Aim for quality content, simplicity, and discover your authentic voice and message. Engaging content and content marketing attracts readers, listeners, and viewers. Provide added value with your unique voice, storytelling style, and perspective. Use your mobile devices, computer, recording equipment, a phone or photography camera, and microphone. Learn how to live stream, create a radio or a video broadcasted program, and discover how to use basic editing software or apps. Become your own content producer and bring your alternative and independent voice.

Are you an information purveyor and wisdom warrior who loves to gather and save an assortment of research, data, and content? Do you enjoy building your own interactive library and database of your favorite, most treasured collections to share within your close circles, trusted networks, and also organize for yourself?

Publish Article Content Media Post Produce Write Concept

For seasoned content creators, find innovative and effective ways to repurpose and energize existing content to reach a new audience and market. Create affiliates and partnerships to extend your reach and impact others. There’s power and strength in numbers when peer networks share their wisdom and connect. Creating a social network with trusted sources is critical in receiving the information you seek and for delivering your message to quality contacts.

World Map Shape Made With Social Media Icons

Sphir is a decentralized platform, a safe, social Internet community — built on blockchain, for you to be in control of your privacy and information. Invented to inspire you to be an effective content creator, wisdom steward — and become the media! To sign up for pre-launch updates, the new name announcement, and news, visit Sphir.

~ Melissa A. Curtin

Freedom. Independence. Connection.

Freedom. Independence. Connection. These are some of humanity’s basic needs and tenets for survival. We crave and long for each — and so much more.

“We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.” — William Glasser

Are you living in freedom? Are you free?

What does freedom feel like? What does freedom look like?

bigstock--222348817How free do you feel to express yourself without limitation? Artistically, politically, verbally, physically, mentally, spiritually, career wise, etc.? In collaboration with others, in community, and alone?

Do you feel free and embody freedom with expansive wings? Or do you feel like your wings are clipped and pinned, holding you back?

Symbolic composition. Trapped USA Winged Heart. Pinned Freedom.

Are we really free as a populace in the United States and across nations? Do any of us have access to true liberty and independence? Is independence from the system valued or frowned upon?

“The cost of freedom is very high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.” — John F. Kennedy

Are we really free in society? Is there freedom of the press? Are we free on social media? Are we free to be dissidents with contradictory opinions? Encouraged or discouraged to be counter-culture? Are we free to challenge the status quo? Are we free to be diverse with a mosaic of beliefs and vocalize them?


“You don’t have true freedom until you allow a diversity of opinion and a diversity of voices.” — Don Lemon

Are you fully exercising your freedom and your rights?

A Man Holding A Megaphone - Freedom Of SpeechFreedom of expression. Freedom of speech.

Freedom to assemble, to organize, protest, take action, share information, and speak up.

Freedom to decide what is best for you, your health, and body — and your family’s. Freedom for bodily autonomy and integrity.

Freedom to pursue health choices and decisions that fit your lifestyle, morals, medical history, optimal vitality, and wellness approaches.

“Perfect freedom is as necessary to the health of vigor of commerce as it is to the health and vigor of citizenship.” — Patrick Henry

Freedom to pursue happiness and to live as you wish.

Have we fully activated our freedoms? Or have we willingly allowed strands of our freedom to be stolen from us, one sliver at a time?

Conceptual human rights political freedom, democracy paint brush

“Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used.” — Hunter S. Thompson

How can we all assert our independence and be a catalyst for freedom before all of our rights are stripped?

What can you do to preserve what remains of your freedom and free will? How can you exercise your freedom more? Will you call out injustice? Will you take action when human rights are violated? Will you use your freedom of expression and wisdom to educate and inspire others?

How can you better mobilize and protect the information you want to create, share, and tap into? Without censorship and without suppression? Without boundaries or restraints? Without surrendering your power and submitting to the ruling class or any other oppressive force?

“The best road to progress is freedom’s road.” — John F. Kennedy

Freedom is our oxygen mask to progress. Yet, hardly anyone is breathing, – just fearfully gasping and suffocating – covering their own mouths, complaining the hypoxia is someone else’s fault or problem. When we remember we are free, empower each other, and ourselves, and own and honor our freedoms, we will shift towards the vision of how we want to direct it from here.

Let’s travel this new platform’s dimension together where liberty is the doorway to the lungs of freedom of expression, and the heart of connection and human dignity.

Let’s create our wings together and soar to independence.

bigstock-if-you-dont-have-wings-create-280472557-e1549335077639.jpgStay in the flight loop by signing up for updates as Sphir launches its unconventional, cutting-edge platform designed to alter freedom and the expression of truth as we know it.

Let freedom ping.

~ Melissa A. Curtin

A Solution For Information Overwhelm.

We are deeply immersed in the Information Age – a digital holograph filled with intelligence and instant access to vast knowledge. An incredible smorgasbord and roaring sea of content in the land of bytes and bites. But for many of us, instead it becomes an Overwhelm of Information — Age. A saturated terrain of constant information, data, distraction, and clutter. It can be challenging to keep up with everything we’d like to and ignore or dodge what we don’t. We have immediate access to both the information we need and desire, yet are bombarded with a constant stream of cluttered content not relevant to us that speeds by in every direction in this fast-paced information superhighway.

Abstract Futuristic Cyberspace With A Hacked Array Of Binary DatInstant access 24/7 from unlimited sources, worldwide – at our fingertips, touch screens, and voice commands, — all resting in the cloud waiting for us to engage, interact, and make use of what we discover. We navigate through a colossal mountain of information with our discernment and critical thinking skills, excavate, and extract what’s valuable to others and us. The incredible amount of data, bits and pieces of content, news, digital info pods, and endless paper piles we amass, encounter, and gather is not only astounding, – but compounding.

Not all of the information is to save for a later use, but when we do save it, is it easily accessible or is it lost in the inter-webs, or somewhere on our computer, phone, or in some random file or folder that takes hours, days, or months to locate?

Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Concept, Cloud Network In AbstrWhere do you save your information? Where do you put your essential stuff?

On scraps of papers, sticky and refrigerator notes, bookmarked website links, digital computer folders, “saved” paper piles for later, computer lists, notes or reminders on your phone, emails, discussion threads, notebooks, file folders, on a content management service, on social media, in journals, or elsewhere?

Are you able to find the valuable info when you need it? Easily? Or with great effort, energy, and time?

Mixed Race Woman In Glasses Working With Multiple Electronic IntSome more questions to consider:

  • How do you manage all of your digital and analog information? Is it an easy, smooth, and organized process? Or painful, time-consuming, and drudgery?
  • How challenging would it be to put your essential information in piles and folders?
  • How do you protect and preserve the info you want to revisit later to use or share?
  • Do you have a system in place to catalog important info?
  • Do you use content management systems, software programs, or mobile apps to store and save files?
  • Do you use folders on your desktop? Bookmarks on your internet browser? Do you have a saved folder on your social media accounts with categories to enter links, take action, review later, or things to share, etc.?
  • Or are you old school and create paper lists, keep notebooks, use collages or scrapbooking, or file folders?
  • Do you have different categories of information in specific places online? Like your health info in one place, your photos or memes in another, book or article recommendations and products someplace else?
  • What’s worth saving? What would you want to share and make accessible to others?
  • Would it be useful to organize, condense, and streamline your information in one central spot to make it easier to access, share, and download?

Elevated View Of Paper Sticker With Word Ideas In Notebook, PencBeing able to effectively organize information can be a necessity for someone going through a traumatic recovery from an acute health event, an accident, someone enduring a chronic condition, a new parent, and someone caring for an elder ailing parent, etc. As a content creator, storing, and cataloguing information results in productivity and efficiency. Even if you’re an avid reader or researcher on various topics of interest, knowing where all the content is and how it is organized makes drawing upon it later much easier.

Or maybe you love saving an assortment of helpful, educational, or inspirational goodies and gems from media clips, to recipes, to alternative remedies to try, or do it yourself projects? Or you like to collect everything from quotes, research, images, create lists of books or products to buy, track recommendations from others, or things you’d to share, and more? Whoever you are and whatever content you find beneficial, having a secure place to easily transport your info as you walk in the world, and be able to easily access it, and effectively share it when needed — is the way it should be!

Digital imaging and Image SharingDiscover an innovative way to streamline and corral your valuable information. Join us on the new platform utility that will revolutionize how you interact with your content, data, and information, and how you share it with others. Visit Sphir to sign up for updates as we approach the launch date.

~ Melissa A. Curtin